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When our professional inspector performs a Visual Inspection Service, it will be in accordance with the Washington State Standards of Practice for home and inspections. Our goal is to provide you with the best understanding available of the property conditions, however the observation is limited to a visual survey of certain fixed components and systems.

After the inspection is complete, we supply you with your report which includes referenced narratives corresponding to items checked. We will also include our professional opinion, based on the accessibility of the certain fixed components surveyed, of the property. This report system is designed for varying levels of surveys and/or inspection.

Examples of items not covered by the Visual Inspection Service are the stability of the site, the condition of window coverings or window operating devices, water well performance or water potability, septic tanks or leach systems, pumps, hidden water or sewer lines, or any item which is hidden from view or impractical to test. Pools are not tested for leaks nor are main pool drains. The inspection is not intended to reveal easements, setbacks or property boundaries, zoning matters, title clearance, whether municipal building permits were obtained for any purpose, or whether the building or the property complies with governmental building code requirements or association bylaws. The inspector does not pull up flooring or floor coverings, move furniture, crawl wet underfloor areas, or determine the accuracy, efficiency or longevity of timers, controls, thermostats, or equipment. It is not uncommon for buildings to contain potentially hazardous and damaging substances such as, but not limited to, asbestos, lead paint, mold, mildew, fungi, formaldehyde, radon and other gasses. Since laboratory testing would be required, we do not detect the presence of any hazardous or damaging substance or the damage caused thereby.

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